Welcome to Tell Your Bio, LLC. Like many people around the world, I grew up fascinated by the tales of my parents and grandparents. Fortunately, as a kid I audiotaped many of their stories about WWII and the journey to America. When camcorders came around, I switched to video. With Tell Your Bio, I have translated my love of stories into a service that preserves what is most important to you. Our mission is to create personalized DVD autobiographies that capture your story and preserve it for generations to come. We also integrate old photos, movies, and other original works into the DVD so it becomes a digital time capsule.

For additional information, please call or email us. We look forward to hearing your story.

Roger Harte

Tel: 703-216-2417
Email: rharte@tellyourbio.com
Location: Washington, D.C. metropolitan area




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